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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena Tournament - Win MINICLIP Credits

Jan 03, 2015 - 2:36 AM - by SilentSleeper

Come join the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena Community Held Tournament Event here at for a chance to win Miniclip Credits which will be awarded to the Winner(s).

---Help Spread the word, tell a friend or paste the words "Win Event" in your daily in-game greeting.---

The details are as followed:

The Tournament event is a Double Elimination Tournament.

The Tournament event will begin accepting entrees/signups stating Saturday 3rd January 2015 and will remain open until we reach a minimum of 24 participates or the offer is withdrawn. If the 24 slots fill quicker than expected we may decide to increase the amount of participants as well as the Miniclip Credits awarded to the winner(s).

Once all participant slots are filled the registration will close and we will begin to prepare the pairings.

The event will run for a period of one week giving a chance for all participants to compete and allow enough adequate time to meet in-game and to report back their results to the tournament directors.

We are all aware of the in-game freezes and disconnects so we will limit each match to single duels to help limit in-game problems. That said if during the duel you or your opponent disconnects a screenshot from the remaining player is required on disconnects, and the player that disconnects loses unless the screenshot shows that they had overwhelming advantage. If no screenshot is provided by the remaining player, then they will duel again. There will be allowed one do over within reason (screen shots are required as proof). If it is believed to be an intentional disconnect to avoid a game loss the final decision will be made by the tournament committee and that decision will be considered final without dispute or appeal. If on a do over game you or your opponent disconnects for a second time the game will be awarded to the player that did not disconnect (again screen shots are required). Please remember this event is designed to have fun and we all know this game is not perfect and has its flaws. We ask each player to please be understanding of one another and to work with each other when technical issue happen which prevent each other from determining a victor.

All players must be registered members of Forums and in good standing. Registration is FREE so don't wait and Sign-Up Today.

All Players must enter their Duelist Code into their Members Profile "About Me" Field so duelist can find and request to become friend’s in-game upon being paired for the event. Please remember you must have at least one friend slot open in-game to befriend each other. This is a must so when paired with your opponent you can find and send each other a duel request.

Once the pairings for each round are posted the players must find and arrange to duel each other and report back to the tournament directors within 24 hours with their results. This is designed this way to help accommodate and respect the different time zones for each player and in-game stamina. Once all results have been handed in the next rounds pairings will be set and the 24 hours period will start again. The tournament we continue to progress this way until we reach the final pairings.

The Simi-Finals and Final pairings will be Match Games with the best of three games advancing.

This event is limited to Normal Partner Decks Only. No Custom Decks. You may use any Normal Partner Deck you wish with the exception of Des Koala & Marshmallon. You are not allow to use Des Koala & Marshmallon for this event. If you are not sure of the list of normal partner decks you can look them up here:

You must use the current in-game Normal Partner and not a custom version or an old import partner deck list. Anyone found playing a custom built deck or a variation of a partner deck will be eliminated.

Once you have decided which Normal Partner Deck you will be using you must announce it and change your in-game Avatar to that Partner while participating in the event and duel. Players can NOT change their Normal Partner Deck between games/match. You MUST use the same selected Normal Partner throughout the tournament event.

Players are allowed to enter only one account for this event. No multiple entrees. You must note your in-game name at time of signing up and it must also be in your Members Profile "About Me" Field here in the forums as well.

The Event thread will be used to help members report their results as well as the Chatroom for question and meeting before and during the event.

The Prize Level is as Followed: Miniclip Credits

1st Place will receive a gift of 20,000 + 2,500 Bonus Credits

2nd Place will receive a gift of 10,000 + 1,000 Bonus Credits

3rd Place will receive a gift of 8,000

4th Place will receive a gift of 4,000

Miniclip Credits will be sent to the Winner(s) in the form of a Gift Card Code which can be redeemed for the amount of winning credits.

To get started you must announce your interested in entering the tournament by Checking-In in the event thread and register located at this link: - Please use your In-Game name when signing up. Also do not forget to add your in-game Duelist Code and In-Game Name to your Profile Page here on the forums.

We encourage the use of video screen capturing software or live steaming recording of your game for others to enjoy. There will be a separate drawing for Miniclip Credits for those that record and summit their event duels here within the forums under our Media Section.

** reserves the right to end or alter this event as it see's fit at any time. If the support and lack of participants for this event is slow or seems to be a little lackluster the event might be canceled without warning.

UPDATE - Jan 12

For those that have not checked-in to the forum by announcing yourself here at please do so. We would like to get a final head count. If you have already check-in by making a post here at there is no need to make another.

Also can everyone please make sure your In-Game Name (IGN) and Duelist Code are listed inside your profile "About Me" page. The forum profiles can only be viewed by registered members but would help each other out when the pairings start.

We also would like to pose a question to all those that are already signed up for the event. Right now the Prize Support is set like this based on 24 participants:
1st Place will receive a gift of 20,000 + 2,500 Bonus Credits
2nd Place will receive a gift of 10,000 + 1,000 Bonus Credits
3rd Place will receive a gift of 8,000
4th Place will receive a gift of 4,000

We are almost there and figure we will be at 24 shortly. If we want we can close the sign-up at 24 and start getting things ready for the event or we can keep it open a little longer in hopes to get it up to 32 players. If we do the prize support will be adjusted to this:
1st Place will receive a gift of 24,000 + 2,500 Bonus Credits
2nd Place will receive a gift of 14,000 + 1,000 Bonus Credits
3rd Place will receive a gift of 10,000 + 1,000 Bonus Credits
4th Place will receive a gift of 8,000
5th Place will receive a gift of 4,000

We will leave it up to the participants if you want to keep it at the 24 prize support level or shoot for the 32 prize support level. Please feel free to post your feedback and we will go with the majority decision.

**Please note if it is decided by majority decision, we will keep the registration open until Sat Jan 17th after hitting 24 in an attempt to hit the 32 participant level so we can kick off the event by Sun the 18th. If by the close of day (server) on Sat Jan 17th we have less then 32 participants the prize support will default to the 24 prize support level.

Please keep in mind we encourage the use of video screen capturing software recording of your games for others to enjoy. There will be a separate drawing of 4,000 Miniclip Credits for those that record and summit their event duels here within the forums under our Media Section. To increase your chances to win you can submit each game as you progress through the brackets for multiple entrees into the drawing. We would like to see duel videos as you progress so others can enjoy. All duel videos must be submit no later by the end of day on the last day of the event to qualify so don't wait to post/submit.

The video section works with youtube links. All anyone has to do is upload their videos to their youtube account and then paste the link in to the Game Video/Media section at the bottom on the page located here: you will notice the Submit Media URL field. Just make sure you do not use the http(s). please use the http only. Once you paste the video link and hit the Retrieve Information bottom just follow the prompts and mark if you want it to create its own thread as well. It will pull the information from your youtube description and feed it here where you can edit at will.
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