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    Default Ways to return spells from grave to hand


    I have gold spell in my graveyard.

    Is there a way to return spell from the graveyard to my hand, like example:Mask of Darkness but it for Spell.

    I not looking for spell reproduction---monster effect or trap or spell that allow me to return spell from graveyard to my hand?

    somone know?

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    One monster in particular is banned for that. Magician of Faith. As for traps that return spells to the hand, I don't know of any. The closest I know are Transmigration Prophecy, and Hidden Book of Spell. Both cards can return spells to the deck.

    Oh and another spell that returns spells to the hand is Magical Stone Excavation.

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    there are 2 traps in game called: spell reclamation and trap reclamation, with effect of discarding 1 card from hand and then chain it to spell or trap that you activated , that way after that trap or spell is sent to grave it will return to hand.

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    Please, use spaces between words. These are what I found using the card search:

    To Hand:
    Magical Stone Excavation
    Spell Reclamation
    Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler (Heads effect)
    Spell Reproduction
    Arms Hole (equip spells only)
    Fairy of the Spring (equip spells only)
    Spell Chronicle

    To top of deck:
    A Feather of a Phoenix
    Cyber Valley
    Emperor Setem
    Nubian Guard (continuous spells only)

    To somewhere in your deck:
    Hidden Book of Spell
    The Transmigration Prophecy
    Des Feral Imp
    Pharoah's Treasure

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    also to return spells in deck there is recycle
    Dedicated to

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    I alway believe that yu gi oh game is recycle, going in circle.

    I feel card that have been used and throw in graveyard can be reused. Like gold or shrink.

    Dont you feel if you have 40 cards in deck. When u reuse the card from the graveyard especially spell, then You using card that are needed right.

    Dont just throw spell or trap or monster away to the graveway, You may need it in the near future!

    Also, I dont have enought room to ask the question so the words on the title cannt get spaced...sorry about people who help with my question.

    thank you again


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