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    Default How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh Online 3

    Hello, For those who don't know me already. I'm known as Zentu The Psychic. You Might say I'm something of an odd ball who sports his own unique dueling style.

    - Anyway, I've noticed that there are quite a number of new players (and maybe seasoned players who can't quite figure Yo3 out) and as such are having difficulty operateing Yo3, Such as Talking to other players, or How to set up a duel or edit a deck.

    -So anyway, Ive made these Videos to Illistrate Just how to operate this game. This game is fairly new ( < 1 Year) so there may yet still be some missing options in the game. I hope to make a video on those NEW options as they become avaible.

    - These Vids Do NOT explain How to Duel, (Summoning, Fuseing, Etc.) for that information you will need to look elsewhere

    -*Update* I NOW have the technology to make Better Quality Videos, that is, not only can you see everything! BUT you can also hear it much better than before. NOT ALL the Episodes are going to be redone in one shot, the 1st time I did the videos I did do them in one shot and it was rather tiering to do so, so Iam not going to strain myself this time. ALSO because I did these videos before, I got something to reherse with and it might lead to some videos being compressed into one.

    Also, in no way do these Vids Help you to cheat or how to obtain free BP, I find it deploreable that some go to those measures to enjoy the game and thus do not support that.

    ((Please Adjust the volume on your computer as necessary!))

    Chapter 1: Lobby menus,(or at least the ones currently avaible) and where to buy or get new cards!

    Chapter 2: How to Chat With other players online, and how to check the status of another player. and How to challenge someone to a duel.

    Chapter 3 Main Menu part 1: How to Edit a deck and operate the Card Filtering system.

    Chapter 4: Main Menu Part 2: Card Album, Rental Card lists, My Profile (or rather where to find YOUR profile lol)

    Chapter 5: Main Menu Part 3: D-Mail, Duel Log Team/Friends/Ignore Lists, How to input BP Codes,

    Chapter 6: Main Menu Part 4: Duel Options! (Specificly, How Cards are placed on the field, Decideing weather or not to have Animations when Drawing Etc. and weather or not You want to be asked During EACH possible "Timeing" when to activate a Card effect)

    Chapter 7: How to Trade and rent from other players. (Beginners! This video is an absoulte MUST)

    Chapter 8: How to set up a Duel (specificly Adjusting Which players can challenge you, What Rules you want to implament, Starting LP, Cards that can/Can't be used Time limits Etc.)

    Chapter 9: A Sample Duel (These Videos were all made under the presumption you know How to duel, This vid is mainly for Looks)

    Chapter 10: Other Various Information that may prove useful.

    Chapter 11: The Stadium(Kaiba Dome in the 5Ds anime) And the Championship Grounds Lobbys This Vid is about were to find various events that are being held.

    Chapter 12: How to Add Color to your text messeges and make your own Customized Diolouge in a duel. (Special thanks goes to Texcy Brukehart and others for their respective threads to which this chapter is based on) *UPDATE* - The Game Now Allows you to save Multiple Avatars (or Looks if you will) You Can Save ANYTHING about your Avatars, all the way down to what you want each one to say...all for the same Name/account.... Cool EH?

    Chapter 13: How to create your own Tournaments.
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    That's a great guide man, I'm sure it'll help a lot of people.
    Very well done^^
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    I suggest you to get a hypercam or a fraps recorder. Easy, plain simple and free.
    Then you don't need to use your camera. (Lol.)

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    Other then the quality the are preaty good.
    I'd use hypercam next time, it's free , easy to use and downloads very fast

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    Yea, I will have to look into that Hypercam thing, B ut you know, these videos had taken quite awhile to make already and I just don't have the energy to re-do them All in one shot. I did all 10 chapters (maybe subject to Change) in one setting so.
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    Very good guide, Zentu. It was over and hour and a &#189; long, but it's worth watching. Especially for the new duellist/people.

    Also, for chapter 5 on the ignore list. When you go to your ignore list you can see which one of your ignored players (lit up username) is on or not without having to go to your lobby and all that. This is new as well since Konami didn't do this for Yu-Gi-Oh! Online 2.

    The good thing is that you can search players in the players list easier now. Because when you click the the blue boxes above the players list (which you went over a lot), you can sort the the players. Left sorts them by level, middle (well "second" actually) sorts them by username and right sorts them by their duelling status. When you click a blue box, it sorts them in a A-Z formation (like e.g. pressing the level sorting box will sort it by 1 to 30 going down) and pressing it again sorts it vice versa.

    Just thought I could add some more information to your guide.

    I'll give you a 10/10 for making a very helpful guide .
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    Chapter 11 is now avaible for viewing (reguarding the Duleist Trial Event)
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    I see you put a lot of effort in creating this. Its very helpful. Thank you for having the heart to do this Zentu.

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    I haven't seen a thorough guide like this anywhere, I'm sure many newcomers to the game will appreciate this guide (if they can find it). Good job Zentu.

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    Oh, Why thank you. I know some would have liked people to learn these things on their own. Then again, While I do not mind helping new comers to the game, Sometimes I just don't really have the time, or I'm about to duel a friend or make a prominant Trade.

    - Its for the people who ask that I made this guide for. My only wish is that I had a better video quality or methoud of doing it.
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