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    Default How Does Decoy Dragon work?

    Since Decoy Dragon will be making an appearance soon, I just want to know how does it work exactly? Can it still work while face-down, only face-up, card rulings?
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    Decoy Dragon (Dragon/Effect)
    Attribute: Fire
    ATK/DEF: 300/200
    2 Stars

    When this card is selected as an attack target by your opponent's monster, select 1 Level 7 or higher Dragon-Type monster from your Graveyard, Special Summon it and switch the attack target to that monster.

    This card is very useful and suitable for most dragon decks. You can discard level 7 or higher dragon to graveyard by using Foolish Burial, Lightning Vortex, Armageddon Knight or whatever. Then when your opponent target attack this card you can special summon a high level dragon from graveyard and the target attack change to the high level instead.

    Decoy Dragon can be searched by Masked Dragon which can make your opponent think twice when he/she is attacking this card. Since many players reluctant to attack this card so it's good to combo with Staunch Defender.

    The effect of Decoy Dragon does not activate when face-down because it's effect activate during Battle Step when it is face-up only. It means in the Battle Step, this card is considered unknown face-down card. Even though it is flipped face-up in Damage Step, the effect is not activate.

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    hmmm i thought it does work while in face down. now thats a big let down to me


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