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    Default Seal of Orichalcos

    The card that transends history. Arguably the most expensive card in the world, although, no one would ever know, theres never been one for sale.

    I'll start at the begining, there are 5 levels of yugioh tournament judge. u can get level 1 judge from attending any regional tournament, just ask the judge for a judge test.

    Level 2 judge, the test can only be found in national tournaments and you have to be a level 1 judge already.

    Level 3 can only be got at a national event when you have head judged a certain amount of tournaments (I think its 20, maybe 30) It is both a written and oral exam.

    Level 4 there is no test, its awarded to you based on how well known you are, this means attending and judging massive tournaments like euros or even worlds.

    Level 5 is pretty much an interview to work for konami, upon becoming a level 5 judge konami will offer you a full time job to work as a member of there staff, there are very very few level 5 judges in the world.

    You have to be a level 5 judge (or a very high level, I think Ray Fong might have one since hes the head of the UK for yugioh) to get a seal of orichalcos. Also, as a level 5 judge there are annual meetings (I think its 2 or 3 a year) where you have to go somewhere to meet up with all the highest members of the yugioh staff for konami. This is where ban lists are discussed as well as many other things such as prizes, tournaments, prize support, shojen jump championship cards, promo cards etc etc etc. These meetings are mandatory and you must show your seal of orichalcos card or you will be fired.

    I think you can all understand now why this card is so expensive. ^^ Lastly we need to go over spell speeds, just for those who don't know:

    Spell speed 1: The slowest, this is normal spells or cont spells, say smashing ground, swords of revealing light etc.

    Spell speed 2: Quick play spells, Normal traps and Cont traps. All of these cards can be chained to a spell speed 1 or 2.

    Spell speed 3: Counter traps. Such as solemn judgement. Once a counter trap has been activated you can only chain to it with simular counter traps, this is why you can't chain "royal decree" to "pulling the rug".

    Finally, Spell speed 4: The definition of spell speed 4 is strange. It is a card which can be activated from your hand, during your opponents turn. There are very few of these in the game, infact there is only kuribo, gravekeepers watcher, hearld of green light, hearld of purple light and D.D crow, all monster cards. However there is one spell speed 4 spell, seal of orichalcos.

    Now, heres the real effect of the IRL Seal of orichalcos.

    Seal of Orichalcos
    Spell card: Spell speed 4 (the symbol looks like quickplay icon, but a little cooler)

    Effect: Negate the effect of a spell or trap or the summoning of a monster and destroy that card.

    Also, if you happen to get to play one of these judges there is also a sort of, hidden effect of playing against this card. If you win against a deck playing this card, the judge will give you 1 free pack of cards from the latest booster set. If you lose against a deck playing this card, you will have your photograph taken and your name, picture and ude number will be placed on the hall of shame.

    Once again, this information was brought to you by Professor Soulless, PHD in dueling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJash13 View Post
    i thought the seal of orichalchos was a feild spell with the effects as following

    1 this card cannot be desteroyed by magic/spell trap or monster effects also if another feild spell is played it is destroyed

    2 you may place monsters in your spell/trap zone your oponent must attack monsters in the monster card zone befor attacking them in the spell and trap zone

    3 all monsters on your side of the feild have the "dark atribute" and gain 500 atk points

    i know this card can be bought on the black market but i never knew that serten people were given real vershons of it
    The anime effect is this:

    - This card cannot be negated or destroyed
    - While this card is on your side of the field, your monster spaces and spell and trap card spaces are increased to 10. Monsters in the second row of 5 cannot be attacked so long as there are monsters on the first row of 5.
    - All monsters on your side of the field gain 500 attack and 500 defense.
    - When this card is activated neither player is allowed to leave the duel.
    - The loser of this duel has their soul sealed in the seal of orichalcos.

    There is also a Seal of orichalcos level 2 and 3 that were exclussive to dartz.
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  3. Exclamation The Seal of Orichalcos

    As some of you know, certain cards do not exist but are still used in the anime and manga. So, if it was in the yo2 game, what would it's risks be?! Well, The Seal Of Orichalcos has no weakness', but can easily be destroyed. Say if my opponent had it in play but it's power is over-limited and is too strong to be removed from the field in a destructive way (be destroyed)! So, I use Giant Trunade then Card Desttruction! Seal of Orichalcos gone! But it gives it's controller's monsters an attribute change to DARK and then boosts there power by 500! So is it risky or not?! When combined with the second seal, and the third seal it's power is limitless! And then we have the monsters. If the card would be on the yo2 game, Orichalcos decks would be all over! There would be Mirror Matches all the time! And this is why Konami decide to put some cards in, and some cards out! And sometimes blocks 'em! Even though it won't get brought into the game, It would be removed and it will be the news everywhere! Copies of the card have been created! Effect edits have been made. To know it's real effects, go to Yugioh Wikia. They'll help big time! Anyway, You should take some time to talk with us! Thanks for reading!
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    Yea im pretty certain that card will never be released but it is fun to think about. If a card that powerful was to be playable i'd think it should be a tournament won card only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkeyMokey View Post
    There is already a thread in exstient on this topic.
    Thanks Okey, and the thread has been merged.

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    Talking Seal of Oricalculationshipos

    Wow, that's a ridiculous card. I agree with Alisha, though, that it's definitely not unstoppable.
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    Hmm nice interesting card...makes me want to actually start taking IRL duelling a bit more seriously...just so I can hunt down level 5 judges for duels and then kick there ass repeated for several free packs
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    Talking Re: seal of orichalcos

    Quote Originally Posted by Bamz View Post
    Hmm nice interesting card...makes me want to actually start taking IRL duelling a bit more seriously...just so I can hunt down level 5 judges for duels and then kick there ass repeated for several free packs
    That sounds like fun! Good luck with that....lawl

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    Default The seal

    is a real card dose exsist and is alaliable although very rare i have only ever seen 1 but no dout it dose exsist


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