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    Default What is the most hated deck in yugioh

    there are a lot of decks that people find annoying? but i aws wondering which decks people hated the most in the past or now? i've personally never been fond of gadget decks.

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    For me it is a 3 Way Tie:

    1)Glad Beasts-1 of the most broken deck types ever made

    2)Ben Kei-A duel that lasts like 1 minute win or lose is not fun

    3)Library Exodia Decks-Basically you watch your opponent play Solitaire then see if u win or lose

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    there are

    Dark Armed Dragon/Dark Decks
    Gladiator Beast
    Monarch (Different Types)

    The list could go on.

    Personally, (despite using this deck for a while) i hate Ben-Kei
    but i really hate D.D Gladiator Beast Decks.

    and of course there are the various variations of decks that have been tuned for maximum annoyment (E.G Twilight, a Combination of Lightsworn and Dark Support)
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    this will show my yugi~oh age but ,my most hated would be chaos/yata effect. this was the most controlling deck ive ever seen.once they worked out chaos ..then yata ..control of field ..attack for 200 .."your opponent cant draw his/her next draw phase" turn 200 repeat..blah blah blah...and people think decks today are on my list the Quiz deck of not long ago..i used to be annoyed by effect decks..or decks that win by effect..or not attacking..which i figured ths game was originally called Duel Monsters..or thats the original game yugi moto the game was about monsters that Duel..not cards that killed you by saying if do this 500 damage..if you do this...1000 damage......any ways..what a rant..havent posted in awhile nice thread..everybody has things they dont like..instead of hating these things in YGO..try doing as i have. acquire a cant beat them join them mentality.I know cards mp value is ridikulus but ..i put it this way I very much disliked burn when i started or stall,deckout, gives people a very strong advantage when in a single duel and you as a player are not can be very annoying.So try a "META" deck and see if you can beat them chain burn deck works perfectly me personally i enjoy winning ..especially winning in events...point made im done ...Happy Dueling...
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    My most hated has to be monarchs. Not only do they annoy me with their *always have the right one at the right time* pseudo effect, they're slow and boring as hell to duel against - -.
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    All decks (even OTKs and FTK since they run their own risk) I don't hate as decks but the fact that people look for the easy win and those decks are the ones that offer it. I am already ok with seeing them at GS or Prelims (I don't count YOC since they are matches and no matter the deck its more about skill most times) That is the point of a game is to make the best deck possible but use it to prove yourself during something like YOC finals and not in friendly duels against 50 decks that you had no problems against. That spells out BORING to me.
    If I had to choose one I like the least it would be Speedy Exodia(built properly) just because in an untimed game if they go first they garunteed a win but this is its weakness. Our games are timed and thus they risk not being able to finish and once its your turn you can set up all your prevention methods. So again I would like to state in my opinion no deck should be hated but only the fact that people decide to play it exessively outside of GS and Prelims for easy wins just makes things boring.
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    My Current most hated deck would be Speedy Exodia ^-^, The one that require magic library ^-^,

    In the duel we are basically just looking at the opponent will win or lose ^-^,

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    Burn and OTK are truly hated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guynamedjoe View Post
    Burn and OTK are truly hated.
    Yeah but it feels so good when you beat a burner or OTK'r esp if you turn their strategy against them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aura View Post
    My Current most hated deck would be Speedy Exodia ^-^, The one that require magic library ^-^,

    In the duel we are basically just looking at the opponent will win or lose ^-^,
    I'll second this statement. At least other decks are possible to compete with, but if you're second against a person who uses this deck with a great hand, its almost guaranteed to be over.

    Another annoying deck is reversal quiz. When I fell victim to it the first time, I didn't realize what the heck happened.


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